Is God Great? – Hitchens vs. Hedges

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4 Responses to Is God Great? – Hitchens vs. Hedges

  1. Why thank you for the kind remarks on my blog. You know, to answer your question, I didn’t even know they were taping the debate, so I haven’t a clue as to whether there will be a posting. Cheers!

  2. Tommy Peters says:

    Hearing both recently on Prager, I figured one was a ball of rolling grass picking flowers effectively avoiding the thorns and the other was experiencing a refined bout of ‘Stockholm’. Even Prager had a tough time with the ball.

  3. Harley H Cudney says:

    Those are the two books I just read, in that order: God is not Great, and, becasue it was referred to so much in God is not Great, The God Delusion.

    These books have radically altered my thinking. (Minor point: Mr. Hitchens can sure turn a phrase. I just wich he would quit smoking–it’s statistically likely he would be around longer to provide the kind of journalism that moves society forward).

  4. alef beit says:

    God is really great

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